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4 Things we learnt over lockdown | NOCO Hair

What we’ve learnt, explain business partners Noel Halligan and Corey Taylor of NOCO Hair in Bristol…

The past 12 months have been like nothing the industry has experienced before. We are naturally sociable people, we work hard and play hard and run businesses that are at the heart of the community. So to have to have closed our doors for some eight months of the past twelve, has been difficult both mentally and emotionally.

There were some bumpy and worrying times but there was one glimmer of positivity; we were suddenly blessed with lots of free time. While the world was making banana bread and learning a new language, many in our industry took to cycling, walking or art. Drawing, painting, DIYing and learning editing skills filled our days. Of course, we all missed our clients and creating amazing hair, but we all learnt something else. Time is precious and as we all re-open and see our columns bursting with clients, it’s important that we don’t forget some of the things we learnt during the pandemic.

1 People are important
We already knew that, but spending time with family and friends is really important. Do we all want to go back to a world of 12-hour days, seven days a week? Making time to spend with family and catching up with friends is invaluable for our mental health and something we should all make time for. Never again will we say no to an invite for a drink or not go to an event because we’re tired. We’ve certainly appreciated everything!

2 Community is where the heart is
We’ve always worked with local charities but 2020/21 has really shown us how getting involved in your community is integral to our business. As more people work and live in their local area we offered free haircuts for charities to use as prizes or auctions, we offered style advice and got involved in local initiatives. Independent shops are the heart of high street and it’s important we carry on being part of the community spirit.

3 Take time out
Don’t put that book down you enjoyed reading – read some more! Just because we are back at work doesn’t mean we can’t take time out to read a book, go on a bike ride or run a marathon. Work can be all-consuming if you let it; so make some time when you think about something else.

4 Learn wherever you are
Hairdressers have always been good at learning new things and this year has shown us that education is all around us. Nothing replaces the intimacy of face-to-face training, but there are so many webinars, Facebook lives, tutorials and podcasts that refreshing skills or learning something new creatively and in business is accessible 24/7. Reading books from other business leaders and learning what works (and doesn’t) from people from other industries helps you stand out from the crowd and see things with a fresh pair of eyes.

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