Refer a Friend

Share 25% off a haircut or colour with a friend!

If you’re enjoying spending time with us at NOCO, why not spread the joy?

When you share our referral code with a friend, they’ll receive 25% off their cut or colour service, and you receive 30% off your next visit – it’s a win-win!

Referring a friend is easy:


  1. After visiting NOCO Hair – Pass your name and the code RAF25 to your friend
  2. When they visit the salon get them to quote both your name and the reference. They will get 25% off their cut or colour
  3. When they pay your account will automatically be credited 25% off your next cut or colour (Whichever is the highest value)
Bristol salon


Do I need the app to take part in the referral scheme?

You need the app to receive your unique code to share with others, and to receive the 25% discount credit as a result. If you are booking through a friend’s referral code as long as you are using the NOCO booking system. However, we do recommend downloading the app to generate your own code, browse our other services, and continue to make savings!

Is there a limit to how many times I can benefit from the referral scheme?

No, each referee who uses your code will earn you a new 25% discount.

What are the Ts and Cs on the discount?

The 25% discount can only be applied to the most expensive element of a cut of colour service. A discount can only be used once per visit.

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