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Benefits of getting regular trims

We all want silky, glossy hair just like the shampoo adverts… but keeping on top of hair care can be a difficult task.
One way you can ensure your locks are kept luscious is through getting regular trims to your tresses. There are many benefits to regular trims, which will be further explored below.

What does trimming your hair mean?

Getting a trim means cutting around 2 inches off your locks to remove some damage from the length of your hair. Although having a haircut and having a trim are very similar, there is one big difference: Having a haircut will change the style and shape of your hair, whereas if you ask the hairdresser for a trim, they know to make no changes to the style of your haircut, but to just remove those split ends!

How often should you trim your hair?

This is a question dependent on a few things, such as your hair type, texture, and length. The decision of how often you should trim your hair is based on personal circumstances. If you don’t use as much heat to style your hair, the likelihood is that the condition of your hair will remain intact for longer.

However, a good rough guide to follow if you are just getting to know your hair would be:
• 2-4 weeks for super short i.e.: Skin
• Every 6 weeks for regular length hair
• Every 6-8 weeks for long hair

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Benefits of trimming hair

Getting your natural hair regularly trimmed is a necessity to keep your hair in optimal condition. There are many benefits that come with a regular trim!

  • Growth
    Although having a trim won’t magically make your hair grow 12 inches, it does have hair growth benefits.
    If you want to build length, regularly trimming your hair may seem counterproductive, but it is actually the opposite. Trimming your hair will remove the parts of your hair which are doing more damage than good, allowing strong, healthy hair to grow. This will also make your hair seem healthier, thicker, and shiner – creating the illusion of added length.

  • Health
    Without regular trims, your tresses can start to look a bit worse for wear! Untrimmed hair will start to look fried and damaged.
    Not only will your locks look damaged, but regular trims prevent breakages and stop split ends travelling further up the hair shaft. This overall makes your hair look and feel healthier.

  • Split ends
    Split ends are everyone’s worst enemy! They happen as a result of hair getting too much heat, styling, and chemical hair treatments or products.
    All of the above can damage your hair, leaving it dry and brittle, therefore leading to breakages. The only way to get rid of split ends spreading is chopping them off. So, get trimming.

  • Styling
    Damaged hair tends to misbehave and have a mind of its own, making styling a whole lot harder! Having regular trims removes the damaged part of your hair, making all your tresses the same texture. This means styling it becomes lot easier. Removing those dead ends also helps your hair respond better to heat styling, straighteners, a curling iron, or a blow dry. Whatever it may be, having a trim means your heat styling will work more efficiently without having uneven textures around your hair.
  • Thicker
    Similar to hair growth, having trims won’t magically thicken your locks, but it will make your hair healthier and shinier, creating the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.
    Similarly, having that chop removes all the straggly ends of hair to give it that blunter look, which immediately makes your hair appear thicker from root to tip.

  • Fight the frizz
    Frizzy hair is a problem that you want to avoid if possible. If you leave it too long between trims, you may notice your hair starts to get frizzier. This is because it’s simply not good to leave your hair to grow out, it requires a certain level of care and maintenance. Skipping a trip to the salon means your hair is more prone to split ends and breakages, which are the main culprits for frizzy hair. Regular trimming is what helps keep this under control. If your frizz is getting unmanageable, it may be worth checking out our amazing Phrizzy-o-therapy treatment to banish your frizz.
  • Detangle
    Regularly trimmed hair makes grooming and detangling your hair a walk in the park. It’ is inevitable that your hair will get knotty, especially long locks! Detangling can be a time-consuming task that is made much more difficult when faced with damaged ends.
    Not to mention, regular trims also mean there is less hair to get tangled. Damaged hair is harder to maintain, so get those split ends snipped… before it’s too late.

Signs it might be time for a trim

Trimming your hair isn’t just about following a schedule of cutting your hair every couple of months, it is also important to know how to assess your hair and know when it’s time for a trim. Look no further! Below we will shine light on what to look out for if you think it may be time for a chop.
A physical way you can tell if you’re due a trim is split ends. If you start to notice split ends and breakages in your hair, this means it’s time to book in with the hairdresser!

Similarly, if the ends of your hair begin to appear lighter, this is another physical sign of damage., This happens due to the wear and tear of general heat damage from styling tools or over- exposure to sun, all signs that you need a trim.

Another way to tell if it’s time to trim your tresses is through lack of definition. Frizziness and no definition is a clear sign that it is time for a trim.

If your hair just isn’t growing, this is another indicator that it may be time for a trim. By trimming your hair, you are giving it the best chance to grow by removing the most damaged section of your hair.

Finally, if your hair starts to seem lifeless. If styling your hair doesn’t seem to hold, if there is a serious lack of texture and volume, or if your hair is beginning to look straggly, it is time to get yourself to the salon to give the mane some TLC.

Trim your tresses!

There you have it… it is vital to know the importance of regular trims to maintain your hair. If you think it may be time to get a chop, here at NOCO our fabulous stylists are ready to bring your hair back to life!

Get in contact today to get booked in for your trim.

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