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What are the Autumn 2020 hair trends in Clifton?

The seasons are changing and our team of Bristol stylists have been seeing guests asking what are the Autumn 2020 hair trends in Clifton going to be.

Having reviewed the top hairstyles, popular hair colours, and favourite creative cuts for Autumn at our Clifton hair salon, we think the most on-trend hair colours in Bristol will be the following combinations:

  • Warm, rich glossy hair
  • Chocolate browns with caramel/toffee highlights
  • Ribbons of depth & warmer tones for Autumnal glow
  • Honey and soft apricot tones to warm up blondes
  • Some of our favourite hair colouring services for Autumn on Whiteladies Road will include the following:

Champagne Blonde

This classy, elegant colour is tasteful, super-wearable and sophisticated. It gives a combination of soft gold and ash tones to create a neutral colour with a stunning shine. It’s the perfect balance of warm and cool tones, and is suitable for all skin types. We use a bespoke formula to gloss the hair too.

New Natural

This Autumnal hair colour gives a lived-in feel with natural texture. This is our take on a seasonal balayage for Autumn, which gives added depth and richness as we head into the colder months. It’s almost a reverse balayage, whereby our Clifton hair colourists add an acidic colour range to the root area and blend down to melt away old highlights without changing the natural pigment. This gives the softest finish with no regrowth line and dazzling shine.

Ribbons of Richness

Multi-dimensional Autumn hair colour using complimentary tones. We take diagonal sliced panels of colour through the ends to add depth and dimension to hair. This splash of colour creates an optical illusion, whilst making hair look thicker and fuller. Our Clifton hair colouring team can blend in deep, burnt coppers and rich mahogany tones for brunettes or warm honey and apricot.

Moving onto the top haircuts for Autumn from our Clifton hairdressers, and we think the best creative cuts from our award-winning team will include:

French Bob

A classy, chic and elegant seasonal haircut, the French Bob is a classic Bob with a modern twist.

Cheek chiselling, jaw skimming or shoulder-swooping, this Autumn haircut can be adapted to suit any face shape and hair texture. The combination of a blunt edge with internal movement gives an incredible finish for our guests.

Modern Mullet

This is a textured, toned seasonal haircut from our Whiteladies Road hairdressers, and delivers volume, movement, face framing and soft tapered edges.

It’s an infinitely wearable Autumn haircut, and the rise in popularity of fringes is proven in this look. Tapered edges give a softer feel, with a 70s look, soft texture and a smart sexy choppy look for guests.

Finally, our Clifton hairstyling team are predicting that styling for Autumn 2020 in Bristol will centre upon selected hair accessories such as ribbons, scrunchies and head bands.

Low ponytails will be popular, with a 70s care-free mix of waves and undone texture proving to be a big hit in the run-up to Christmas. High gloss lux finish will be in demand, with lots of shine to finish guests’ hairstyling this Autumn.

To experience our Autumn hair trends in Clifton for yourself, please book online here.

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