Clifton hairdressers share top tips on how to maintain clean shiny hair in lockdown

We’ve had a few lovely guests getting in touch with the Clifton hairdressers at NOCO Hair in recent weeks, asking for advice on how to maintain clean shiny hair in lockdown despite our hair salon being temporarily closed.

So, we thought we’d share our top tips here on the best ways to keep your hair in awesome condition, despite the restrictions in place during the Covid-19 lockdown across Bristol.

Here at NOCO Hair on Whiteladies Road, our hair care experts focus on the science behind maintaining healthy hair to give our guests the very best hair.

We always ask our guests to think of each single strand of hair as containing two critical elements that need nourishing and protecting:

  1. The Cortex – the main body of the hair strand, that holds all the bonds and the part that defines how strong hair will be.
  2. The Cuticle – this is the hairs’ protective layer, and sits on top of the cortex like roof tiles on a house.

Here are our top six tips on maintaining silky, shiny, healthy, clean hair from root to tip. The cleansing stage is absolutely vital for boosting hair integrity.

Cleanse (shampoo)

  • Our top tip is to clean the hair twice. The first shampoo cleanse opens up the cuticle and lifts dirt out, whilst the second shampoo thoroughly cleans the hair.
  • To get the best results, soak hair down with warm water, apply shampoo at the root and work in slow circular motions. Rinse and repeat this process.

Tone (conditioner)

  • This is one of the best-kept secrets of all Clifton hairdressers – thank us later, when we next see you in the salon! Towel dry your hair before adding conditioner. This is the key to shiny hair.
  • If the cuticle is open and full of moisture, you’ll simply dilute the conditioner and wash it down the sink. The conditioner’s job is to close the hair cuticles and protect the cortex.
  • After shampooing, rinse your hair, ring it out, towel dry it and place conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends then working up to about two inches from the roots. The cuticle is already strong at the root, so needs help to be closed.
  • It’s the mid-lengths and ends that need the most help with conditioning. For a standard conditioner, our Clifton hair care team suggest leaving it on for at least two minutes, and from 10-15 minutes for a hair masque. Then rinse.

Cold Rinse

  • Is the cold rinse a myth? We say no. Warm water will open up the cuticles, whilst cold water will; help close them down. It’s not essential in the Winter, but a cold rinse will certainly go a long way to giving your hair a good shine.

Moisturise (leave-in conditioner)

  • After shampooing, thoroughly rinse and towel dry the hair. With any product, when the hair is 100% dry, the product can deliver 100% hold.
  • Wet hair dilutes products, whilst hair that’s too dry can leave the hair heavy or oily. Our Whiteladies Road hairstylists recommend towel dry at the roots with a dabbing motion first, as the hair holds here. Get the hair about 75% dry.
  • Apply leave-in conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends, then work the conditioner up the hair carefully. For some guests, a spray works better.

Blow Dry

  • This is entirely up to each individual, but please avoid wild drying and lots of hair swishing if you do blow dry. Our Clifton hair salon often see examples of damaged hair through overly-vigorous blow drying.
  • If you’ve spent time opening up and closing down the cuticles, they need to remain closed. By keeping the hair dryer above the head with a nozzle diffuser on pointing down the hair shaft (away from the head) you’ll smooth out the cuticles, and start to see a shine appear.

Seal it with a serum

  • Seal the hair with a serum, to help close down the cuticles. Use also on the mid-lengths and ends to deliver stunning clean shiny hair – even in lockdown.

After taking the above steps, it’s possible to curl or wave hair knowing that it will be looking superb and in great condition.

It’s up to each individual how often hair is washed, and our Clifton hairstyling team advise washing hair as often as necessary to promote a healthy space for your hair to grow thicker and quicker.

Don’t worry if you’re losing hair in lockdown, either – it’s normal to lose between 100-150 hairs per day, irrespective of the stresses of Covid-19.

Visit the NOCO Hair Inspiration Hub here to find out more about clean hair, as well as examples of stunning, happy, healthy hair.

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