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NOCO Hair Featured on BBC’s Interior Design Masters: Highlights from Our Incredible Makeover!


We’re absolutely thrilled to share with everyone that NOCO Hair was recently featured on the BBC’s hit show, Interior Design Masters. For those who may have missed the episode, here’s a glimpse into the incredible transformation and the amazing experience we had!

A Transformation to Remember

Led by the talented designer Jack, along with the charismatic Alan Carr and the renowned Mary Portas, our salon underwent a breathtaking transformation. Our initial request was a Scandinavian style, simple yet elegant. However, Jack brought a unique twist by blending it with the serenity of Japanese aesthetics, coining the term Japandi. This fusion created a chic, luxurious, and inviting space, offering a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Luxurious, Chic, and Absolutely Perfect

Luxurious, Chic, and Absolutely Perfect

The new design has not only enhanced the appearance of our salon but has significantly uplifted our business and team spirit. The makeover has created a more luxurious and sophisticated environment, aligning perfectly with our goal to provide top-tier service and ambience. The feedback from clients and the press has been phenomenal, and the episode has been celebrated internationally, viewed by millions across the UK.

A Boost for Our Brand and Business

This exposure has greatly enhanced our presence on the high street and solidified our reputation as a leading hairdressing salon in the UK and beyond. Our collaboration with L’Oreal continues to thrive, reflecting our shared values of elegance, class, and quality.

Reflecting on the experience, Corey Taylor expressed her delight, saying, “Interior Design Masters was an amazing opportunity that transformed our space into something not only trendy but also incredibly relaxing for our clients. We absolutely love it!”

Corey Taylor – Managing Director

We are immensely proud to be at the forefront of the hairdressing industry, led by co-owners Corey Taylor and Noel Halligan, and supported by a fantastic team dedicated to creating stunning hair transformations every day.

Come and experience the new NOCO Hair, a blend of luxury and tranquility, right in the heart of the southwest of England. It’s more than just a hair appointment—it’s a moment of relaxation, style, and indulgence.

We look forward to welcoming you to our newly designed space that’s not just a salon, but a haven where you can unwind, refresh, and leave feeling your absolute best.

If you’re as excited as we are about this transformation and what it means for your next visit, book your appointment today and see firsthand why everyone is talking about NoCoHair!

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