The Fusion Cut

A gorgeous mid-long length layered hair cut

The perfect haircut for adding layers and keeping your length

Giving you more volume and style

Are you feeling stuck with your long hair, finding it lacks excitement and style?

Long hair can often disappoint, appearing flat and shapeless despite your aspirations. Adding layers might worsen the situation, resulting in a disjointed look that’s hard to manage.

We feel your pain with these challenges as we see them on a daily basis.

Through meaningful conversations with our guests, listening attentively to their concerns, we’ve developed a cutting template to tackle these issues head-on. This innovative approach not only improves shape and movement but also offers better control and manageability. Additionally, it boosts volume, transforming your overall look and confidence.

The results in our salon have been remarkable. Many have praised the fusion haircut as their best ever, experiencing newfound confidence and satisfaction with their hair.

Could The Fusion Cut be the answer to your problems?

While claiming to offer the best haircut may sound bold, the results speak volumes. Witnessing the emotional transformation in our guests is truly remarkable.

Our haircut process sticks to fundamental principles, meticulously angling each section to reduce weight around the crown while elongating towards the external shape. This fusion seamlessly blends layers and length for a flawless finish.

Our template is designed for all NOCO Hair stylists to execute confidently, allowing for creativity from our graduate team members through to senior stylists

FAQs About The Fusion Cut

What is the Fusion Cut?

The Fusion Cut is a hairstyle typically ranging from mid to long length, adaptable to the jaw length if required but traditionally for longer hair. It enhances movement by reducing weight around the crown and strategically incorporates angles to increase length towards the baseline.


Where does the name come from?

The term “fusion cut” originates from the concept of blending layers with length, representing the harmonious combination of elements to create a cohesive style. “Fusion” symbolises the merging of multiple components to produce something aesthetically pleasing, like the fusion of layers and length in this hairstyle.

Will I still be able to tie my hair up?

When choosing a haircut, the length you opt for will impact whether you can tie your hair up or not. If you opt for shorter lengths around the front or incorporate bangs, it’s crucial to discuss this with your stylist during your consultation. If tying your hair up aligns with your lifestyle, communicate this with your stylist, and they can provide advice accordingly. Nevertheless, our signature haircuts are designed to be low-maintenance styles. With sufficient hair length, you’ll be able to effortlessly tie your hair up while still looking great.

Will it work with a fringe

Yes, this haircut offers versatility as it can be worn with or without a fringe. If you’re considering adding a fringe, it’s best to discuss this with your stylist. They can provide personalised advice considering factors such as your face shape, hair texture, and any natural hair growth patterns. Additionally, they can guide you on how to maintain the fringe at home.


This haircut template focuses on reducing length around the crown while increasing it along the perimeter. We find it particularly effective as a longer haircut, often the longer, the better. It serves as an excellent solution for individuals with long hair lacking shape and style, offering a refreshing change.

My hair is thin, will the Fusion Cut work for me?

The fusion cut typically complements longer hair with some density. However, it’s a versatile template that can be tailored to suit various hair densities. It’s advisable to consult with your stylist; if they determine it’s not suitable for your hair, they can recommend a more tailored approach to meet your needs.

More questions answered

How does the Fusion Haircut differ from traditional haircuts?

Unlike traditional layering techniques, the Fusion Haircut employs a reverse layering approach, blending layers seamlessly with the length for a cohesive look. This technique aims to avoid the disjointed appearance often seen with standard layering.

Who can benefit from the Fusion Haircut?

The Fusion Haircut is suitable for individuals looking to grow their hair long but struggle with flat, shapeless locks. It’s particularly beneficial for those who desire more volume, control, and manageability without sacrificing length. It works really well on long thick hair but can be adapted to suit shorter styles also. A minimum length of collar bone would be ideal

Will the Fusion Haircut work for my hair type?

As with all of our signature haircuts ‘The Fusion Cut is designed to accommodate all hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly textures. Our stylists tailor the technique to suit your hair’s unique characteristics and your desired outcome.

Who wont this cut work on?

This haircut may not be suitable if you prefer not to have layers or if your hair is above jaw length. Additionally, certain hair textures may not be compatible, but we can assess this once your stylist sees you. For instance, some individuals have varying textures of hair, such as straight at the back and wavy on top. It’s also more suited to hair that is optimal or thicker in density, although we can explore options to make it work for you if you have finer hair.

How long does the Fusion Haircut process take?

The duration of the haircut process can vary depending on factors such as hair length, thickness, and desired style. On average, expect the appointment to last between 60 to 90 minutes. Which will include a consultation, shampoo and head massage.

Is the Fusion Haircut difficult to maintain?

All our signature haircuts have been designed to be effortlessly maintained and highly low-maintenance. While it will naturally lose its shape, like all haircuts do, within 6-8 weeks, on a day-to-day basis, it will maintain balance and good structure. This makes it much easier to maintain compared to other cuts.

Does the Fusion Cut cost any extra? 

No all of our signature haircuts are included in the standard pricing. This gives you the ability to choose your style and have confidence in the consistency of your service

Do I need to book a consultation before getting the Fusion Haircut?

While not mandatory, we recommend booking a consultation to discuss your hair goals, concerns, and preferences. This allows our stylists to provide personalised recommendations and ensure we deliver results that exceed your expectations.

My hair is coloured, Will it work for me?

It works particularly well with highlighted, balayaged, or gloss-coloured hair. When adding layers to hair with dimensional colour, it’s important to be mindful to avoid a patchy look due to a big disconnection between light and dark. Your stylist will be able to advise you on this after a thorough consultation.

Will I find it hard to style at home? 

All our haircuts are meticulously crafted to ensure they are well-structured and balanced, providing you with the best opportunity to manage them at home on your own. If you are skilled with the tongs then thats great however, if you’re more of a wash and go person this could also be a great option for you

How do I schedule an appointment for the Fusion Haircut?

To book your Fusion Haircut appointment, simply use the booking button at the top of our website, book via the app, pop in to the salon or call the salon to request a booking. Our friendly staff will assist you in scheduling a convenient time slot with one of our skilled stylists. All signature haircuts are included in the normal cut and blow-dry options so no need to ask for anything other than a cut and blow-dry or cut and blow-dry long and thick.


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