Do you want a hairstyle that could make your life easier?

Does your hair look dull or lifeless? Are you uninspired?

The Clifton cut is a fabulous way to get more volume in your crown whilst maintaining weight though the external shape of your hair. It will reduce your split ends creating an inspired energy and put a spring back into your step.

Your hair is 90% of your selfie after all!

Book an appointment today with one of our hair experts and be guided though a 1st class service from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, swishing your hair and catching your reflection in every shop window.

3 Steps To The Perfect Haircut


You will receive….

  • An in depth face to face consultation

  • A hair wash in our luxury reclining massage chairs

  • A shiatsu head massage

  • Signature cut

  • Complimentary refreshments

  • The best in haircare advice

  • A blow-dry how you like it (Straight, wavy or curly)

  • A complimentary wash and blow-dry within 2 weeks of the original service

  • 20% off your next visit within 7 weeks of 1st service



The Techy Bit

Using a forward radial line, we are able to over-direct your hair in a way like no other that will enhance the volume and protect the weight at the baseline of your haircut


  • Can I wear my hair wavy?

  • Yes, this is a really versatile haircut with structure that can be worn curly, wavy or straight.

  • Does it work on short hair?

  • The Clifton cut is designed for hair on, or below the jawline.

  • Will it make my hair feel thin or short?

  • No, we will protect the weight line and external shape which controls the weight and length of your hair. The Clifton cut will concentrate on the layers around the crown to enhance the volume. Although we will be removing weight, it can actually make you feel like you have more hair as you are retaining length and adding more volume.

  • Will it work with a fringe

  • Yes, absolutely. This haircut can be worn with or without a fringe.

  • Will I still be able to tie my hair up?

  • Yes, the layers are connected in a way that means that you hair will still be able to be tied up.

  • Will I find it hard to style at home?

  • No, The Clifton Cut is well thought out and is created with great structure and care. A good haircut will be easy for you to manage - this is a very low maintenance cut.

  • Will it work with balayage hair colour?

  • Yes. This will be the perfect compliment for your hair colour. In fact, removing split ends will make the hair have a shinier surface actually enhancing the appearance of your colour.

  • Will it work on my curly hair?

  • Yes within reason, If you have afro or very curly hair you need to be aware that by shortening layers can dramatically reduce length. Please seek the advice of your stylist.

  • How does it grow out?

  • A good haircut should grow out nicely. Hair grows on an average of 1/2" per month. We would suggest a cut every 6-8 weeks.

  • Will I look the same as everyone else?

  • No, This a a unique, personalised haircut that is based on a template. It will be tailored to suit you specifically and will be your very own, bespoke hairstyle.

  • Does it cost more to have a Clifton Cut

  • No, it comes as standard with any member of the Noco Hair Team .