"Hair is just incredible. It’s a different fabric for each individual and it’s each persons way of expressing individuality. To make someone feel amazing by doing their hair is the best thing ever!!"

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What would you say is the most important part of the service you give?

Giving people the ability to look and feel like better versions of themselves than before they come to see us.

What’s the best advice you have received?

If you can see it you can be it. We work a lot on imagination.

Why hairdressing?

It’s the best job in the world. We get to travel, have fun, do shows and photoshoots, beautiful people, happy people, versatility, craft  

Who inspires you?

My daughter, she’s 4 months old and never stops learning. Just because we are adults it doesn’t mean we have to stop learning. We are goal seekers and she inspires me every day.

What’s the secret to a good haircut?

From us - Good listening and great combing.

For you - Manageability, ease and carefree