"I like the fact that no day is the same, I love to see new and familiar faces and I love to hear everybody’s stories.'“


What would you say is the most important part of the service you give?

I would say a friendly approachable face, nice smile and a good sense of humour. I think making someone laugh and smile makes their visit more personal.

What is your favourite thing to do in hairdressing?

As I am looking into starting training I would currently say making sure everything runs smoothly. I like to help where possible and make our guests feel comfortable and special.

What's your top tip to share with clients?

Always do what feels right, life is too short, get the cut, have the colour and enjoy yourself.

If you had free reign on a client what would you choose?

I used to be all for bright unnatural colours but I would definitely say I like more natural tones. I would choose something to suit the skin tone and maybe balayage with a classic wave or a beachy kind of flick.

Why hair dressing?

I love the atmosphere, the friendly people, the creativity. The feeling of taking someone's hair and completely transforming it, knowing you have the ability to completely change how someone sees themselves. Most importantly the constant learning, I love to learn!