As one of Noco Hairs first challenges we were determined to have some fun.

We have created a consultation for our guests that looks at the main factors that will determine a great haircut.

We know that bad hair generally comes from and bad consultation and a great haircut comes from a great consultation. So we have gone and made a great consultation.

To get the best hair for you we need to look at your physical make up and also be realistic about how you manage your hair on a daily basis.

For the video its self we teamed up with who are a locally based film company and who just happen to be really nice guys, Noel actually met Dan and Robin in Barcelona on a creative Loreal trip and we have never looked back.

We used the concept of how do i know what its the right hairstyle for me? I mean, how would you know? How do you know what is right for you without scientific, professional advice?

We created several different looks and purposely got it wrong for our gorgeous model Holly. We tried curly, dark, too blonde, black asymmetric and then finished the video on her own long blonde hair that we had coloured cut and styled.

Come and see us for a complimentary ‘Beautiful YOU’ consultation. Lets get you on the journey to YOUR perfect hair.

Model Holly Debs



Makeup Shari Knowles

Location BRISTOL

Noel Halligannoco hair